Claire Louise Wedding Stationery
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About Claire Louise Wedding Stationery

  • Price

    From £0.50 to £7

  • Lead time

    Production time will be between 4 to 6 weeks, however please contact us if you require your stationery sooner. In some instances we can put rush order through depending on design

  • Delivery time

    We can delivery for free in the local area of Lancaster up to 30 mins drive from the city centre any further may be a small cost deepening on your order size

  • National delivery


  • What is the price of your service? From £0.50 to £7
  • Does the invitation cost also cover the printing? Yes
  • Is there a limited selection of invitation styles or can they be customised? Tailored designs
  • What is the charge for not reaching the minimum number of orders? There is no minimum number you have to order
  • What is the charge for national mailing? Contact for price will depened on order size
  • What other services to you provide? Printing, thank you cards, customised designs
  • What kind of printing to you offer? Digital
  • Operating hours: We can normally plan customer consultation to suit you. We are happy to plan consultations in the evening. Week day consultation can be between 9.30am - 2.30pm
  • What are the forms of payment? Cheque, cash or bank transfer